Two Golden Door Knobs

Minimalism as Less Elements

A Minimalist Photo of Two Golden Door Knobs
Photo By © Prakash Ghai

This photo took long time to be here. The place is Jawahar Kala Kendra, Coffee House open area. It began with me approaching this open door 5-6 times trying to compose a decent shot. 

The Two Golden Door Knobs always kept me interested. 

The first time I looked at the door was about 6 months back. I visit this place very often but I just could not come up with any shot with the door earlier. Only last Sunday, was the day I finally got the shot that I wanted. 

So what changed last week, was my question to self?

Recently, I paused the "Learn Minimalism" Instagram page and many other social media accounts. Well, that gave me some free mind space, say about after a year. As soon as my mind was left with less clutter to handle, I was back in flow with my compositions. 

Lessons Learned 

"Do less of social media and focus more on Clicking good photos."

More on the Minimalist Composition

The photo falls under Minimalism as Less Elements Category of Minimalist Photography.

Less elements being, just the two golden knobs and the walls next to it. The composition is more of Minimalist Visual Art. 

Here, I have split the frame into 3 parts. First part being the repeating patter on the left. Second, the empty wall in the center and third, the open brown door with two golden knobs on the right. 

Remember: The subject here is just the Two Golden Door Knobs, everything else around it has been included just to enhance the overall Minimalist Composition.

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Bicycle Tyre Colorful Lines Background

Minimalism as Less Elements

A Minimalist Photo of Bicycle Tyre and Colorful Lines
Photo By © Prakash Ghai

Today, I am posting a Minimalist Photo of Tyre of a Bicycle with Colorful lines acting as a backdrop.

I had initially taken this photo with my Cellphone ( see: Mobile Minimalism ) but when I reviewed it on the screen, I thought this deserves to be on my Minimalism Blog. So, I took out My DSLR Camera to shoot this one more time. 

I shot this vertical so that I could use the colorful lines in the background in a creative way. Both the crop and the placement of the Bicycle Tyre on the bottom, is purposefully kept very tight. That kind of placement makes the viewer to take about one second to realize what the actual subject is. Once the viewer gives you his first second, he will surely spend more time on the photograph.

Classification and EXIF Data

The above photo falls under the Minimalism as Less Elements Category of Minimalist Photography.
You can see more examples of such photographs HERE

EXIF Data:-

  • ISO speed: ISO-200
  • Exposure time: 1/160 sec.
  • F-stop: f/8
  • Exposure bias: 0 step
Hope you enjoyed the Shot. 

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Spiral Stairs

Minimalism as Less Elements

A Minimalist Photo of Spiral Stairs going up towards the sky
Photo By © Prakash Ghai

Hello All !!

I am back with another Minimalist Photograph. I keep it easy these days and post Photographs only when I have some spare time. 

Back in 2014-15, I used to pressurize myself to do X number of blog posts / photographs a month. But, I realize that I am an artist and I should focus more on the purity of my expression and on the composition of the Photos that I click, rather than on "How to run a Blog". 

Focusing too much on the marketing aspect of the blog had started to affect my Photo Compositions. Therefore, I scaled back,  both on the number of posts and on Social Media marketing. 

PS: I do not publish all my photos here. I post Mobile Minimalism on my Instagram and some Canon DSLR(affiliate link) Photographs on my Facebook.  

A lot happened in the last few days. Donald Trump won the US elections, the Stock markets fell, Gold prices tumbled, there was a ban on Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes in India etc etc.

Basically, a Minimalist like me ended up watching the Television for hours and got overloaded with News. 

Today,  to take a break from this, I decided to open my Photographs Folder, Edited a photo and started writing this blog post. A nice escape from all the noise.

Prior to writing this post, my Television was on. It is still on but No channel is displayed. I have pressed the TV/Av button to turn the screen Blank, Black and Silent. All that I can hear, is just the noise of the ceiling fan running. It is that peaceful, that calm. I am disconnected with the chaos of the world right now. Even my Mobile phone is a good two feet away from me for the last half an hour.

I am here, with you all and trust me it is blissful. 

"Less is more", "Silence is beautiful". are not just words. When you encounter such a state or feeling, you get immersed into it. You become a part of it.

By now it must be clear to you, that This post is my Escape from the "Noise of the world" today. And that is one of the major reasons I chose this "Spiral Stairs" photograph. It too, offers an escape.

Just look at how the stairs disappear to the top. Inviting you to climb up and Run away from the noise into open blue skies. To a place of "Peace and Calm", to a place of "Stillness".  

OK now, let back to the MINIMALIST Composition

The above photo falls under the Minimalism as Less Elements category of Minimalist Photography.

As you can see above, the Spiral Stairs are positioned Diagonally and at the same time are also in the Center of the Frame. This is a way out from the regular rule of thirds. 

If the Spiral Stairs were not tilted and were vertically placed right in the center of the frame at 90 degrees, the composition would have looked odd. Centered compositions are less appealing to the human brain. 

Therefore, to avoid Center positioning, I tilted my Canon EOS 600D DSLR Camera(affiliate link) in my hand. 

The Tilt, made the top of the staircase bend towards the right, and the bottom of the Stairs fill the space on the left. This, kind of compensated for the rule of thirds and the subject is both, placed in the center and NOT.

Well, I hope some of you would accompany me to the staircase. 

Let's "Escape Together".