Reflection of Glass Door Handle in Mirror

Minimalism as Less Elements

A Minimalist Photo of the Reflection of Glass Door Handle in Mirror
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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One thing that I have learned over the past few years in photography, is that the photograph that you take/make does not need to be 100% technically correct to be a good photograph. If the composition supersedes the technical error, the photo is still considered good. 

Composition wins hands down over technicality.

I remember, one day when I was talking to Vera, one of my biggest Art Buyer who has purchased over 30 of my Minimalist Photographs, mentioned to me that, old black and white technically incorrect street photographs, sell at huge prices at auctions. She further added, "as a photographer you may put more emphasis on the photo being technically correct, but the buyer lays more emphasis on the composition and the overall appeal of the photograph. What story it has to tell, what mood or feel it takes you to and likewise".

While I was editing this Minimalist Photograph, I recalled what she had mentioned. If you carefully see, the Blue metal door handle is not fully sharp on a closer look, whereas its reflection in the mirror is fully sharp. If one looks at the picture from a normal thumbnail point of view, the photo looks fine. But on full zoom the technical shortcoming is visible. 

So, I initially though I would rather not post this photograph. But then, I told myself, wait what I want to communicate here is far more important. 

I wanted to show how the Reflection of Glass Door Handle in Mirror helped in forming an Abstract Heart-like shape. And that is pretty evident here, that that;s the main highlight of the photograph. Therefore, I changed my mind and posted this.

Back to the Composition: It's Minimalism as Less Elements. The main element just being the Abstract Heart-Shape.

The photo was taken during the Jaipur Literature Festival 2017 organized at Diggi Palace Jaipur.

Lens used: Canon 50mm F/1.4 prime lens

Camera Mode: Full Manual

Lens Focus Mode: Auto Focus

Camera Focus Mode: Manual - Center Point Focus was selected as that is the only "Cross-type" focus point in my Camera (Canon 600D). I first locked the focus and then recomposed the shot to apply Rule of Thirds to get the Negative Space on the right. 

Hope you liked this little effort of mine to explain my intentions behind the shot.

Brass Water Tap on Pink Indian Wall with Subtle Texture

Minimalism as Less Elements

Minimalist Photograph of Brass Water Tap on a Pink Indian Wall with Subtle Texture
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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Today, Lets get back to the basics. 

The Minimalist Photograph above, is an ideal example of Minimalist Photography

Just Two Elements:


a) The Brass Water Tap &


b) The Pink Textured Indian Wall

Also note the use of extreme Negative Space or Empty Space

Use of these basic elements contribute to the most simple and basic form of Minimalist Photography also know as Minimalism as Less Elements. In Total there are 8 Types of Minimalism in Photography including the above form/type.

Mind you, composing such simple photos and making them look good, is not as easy as it may appear. 

You need to have a combination of:

a) the right subject

b) the right angle and

c) the right colors make such Photos Pop, despite being so simple in nature.

The How and Why or the Behind the Scenes Confusion:

I almost walked past the subject thinking, 'ah just another pink wall and a tap'. Then I told myself "wait, its a Pink Wall, and the pink looks pretty pink and beautiful."

Once I had decided that this pink would do the trick, the next challenge was the composition.

One option was to go down on my knees and either click the photo from the front or from the side. But again I told myself, "wait Not Again, that would be too boring, you have done that before" 

So I again got up and started to walk away. A thought crossed my mind while I almost again walked past my subject and I told myself

- "its OK, don't take things so seriously, just take a shot and move on. Go home and have a look at it in the computer. If you don't like it, press delete."

So, in a very lazy manner I turned my head back and since I was not convinced much, I did not even bother to bend down and I pressed Camera Shutter button standing almost adjacent to the pink wall. 

This laziness gave me this unique angle :) and once I reviewed this shot on the Camera screen, I instantly knew I had my shot. 

So, who says being lazy is bad. Sometimes its good !

The shot is more like A Batsman's Late-cut in Cricket. i.e When he cuts the ball at the very last minute, turning his bat confusing even the wicket-keeper.

Well, I could have also titled this as A Photographers Late-cut ;) but since this is a blog which would be floating in the Ocean of World Wide Web, its better to have Photo related, SEO friendly titles, so that the photograph gets fetched by Google's bots for the right keywords a user punches in.

Such Photos are the opposite of Look-Up Photography, that I had spoken about in my previous post. Rather this category is called the Look-Down or Looking Down Photography.

If you have a thing for PINK. Below are some more Minimalist Images PINK IN COLOR

Repeating Curves Versus Lines in Black and White

Minimalism as Less Elements

A Minimalist Photo of Repeating Curves Versus Lines in Black and White
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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I am back today with some Black and White Minimalism.

This shot was taken at a Heritage Building in Jaipur. What prompted me to take this shot was the Diagonal Shadow Line coming in from the right, and joining the Arc with repeating curves, at the bottom of the frame.

While the Diagonal Shadow Line was on its way down, it also happen to cut very beautifully, the horizontal lines just above the big arc. That was the icing on the Cake :)

This was a yellow colored building, but since I wanted to put more emphasis on the visual play between the lines and the arc, I did away with color and converted the photo to black and white.

Color, sometimes distorts or interferes with the eye, especially in photos where you want to show the interplay of geometry. 

Minimalism Categorization:  Minimalism as Less Elements, the elements being just the lines and curves and the empty grey wall.

This again a Look-up Minimal Shot, just like the one in the previous post.

Soon, I shall also be posting some Look-down Minimal Shots. 

So Stay tuned !

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